Natural Wood Dining Table

Rp 1,900,000.00Rp 2,500,000.00 (-24%)

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  1. How to order products from Jepara House Furniture?

    You can send an inquiry email to ( or contact us on WhatsApp at
    (Whatsapp: +6282-217266-791).

  2.  Will the custom furniture match the customer’s expectations?

    You don't have to worry if the results are not satisfactory. You will receive a photo/image report during the entire production process, detailing progress from the beginning until the products are ready for delivery.

  3. Why does Jepara House Furniture offer the best deals to customers?

    You will get the best price deal based on the classification of the material. You decide the price according to the material classification:

    • Teak Wood Grade A
    • Teak Wood Grade C
    • Mahogany Grade A
    • Mahogany Grade C
    • Plywood / MDF (Multiplex)
    • Metal / Stainless Steel
  4. How long does the production process take?

    The production process takes 30 days or a month, depending on the difficulty and the quantity of the products ordered.

  5. What is the payment term?

    We use the payment method via T/T (Transfer Telegraphic) through an Indonesian Bank or Western Union. 50% is required as a down payment in advance, and the balance must be cleared before we send you complete documents/products.

  6. Can you manufacture a special design from a customer’s product/project or sample?

    Absolutely, we can. We will need specific details with complete measurements, including the design and materials to be used. The pricing will depend on the volume of the order.

  7. How can I check your quality before deciding to purchase from you?

    You can order a sample that will be dispatched to you at your cost via courier services such as FedEx or DHL.

  8. How long does the delivery take?

    The duration of delivery will depend on the country:

    • American customers: 40 days delivery
    • European customers: 40 days delivery
    • African customers: 40 days delivery
    • Asian customers: 3 weeks
  9. Do you guarantee your products?

    All products come with a 1-year guarantee. The service of the products is free, but the cost of the shipment is borne by the customer.

  10. What is the shipping term?

    We only operate on FOB (Free On Board) shipping terms.

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Natural Wood Dining Table: Solid Wood Dining Furniture

Natural Wood Dining Table

Natural Wood Dining Table Jepara House Furniture

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Natural Wood Dining Table

Natural Wood Dining Table

Rp 1,900,000.00Rp 2,500,000.00 (-24%)

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